Ebook Building REST API Services using Deno and PostgreSQL

Posted at : May/29/2020
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Deno rest api services postgresqlThis book "Building REST API Services using Deno and PostgreSQL" learns about developing web services based on REST architecture using Deno. Deno is the latest server runtime environment for typescript and javascript in addition to node.js which is well known to date. Yes, deno was created by Ryan Dahl who created node.js itself, will deno be the next node.js successor? Of course there are reasons behind developing a new runtime for executing typescript and javascript.

Architecturally, for deno runtime javascript it still uses Google Engine V8 just like the previous node.js, but this time the deno was built using Rust and TypeScript languages, while node.js was built with C ++ and JavaScript. For asynchronous runtime and event driven deno use the open source library, Tokio. Deno support typescript built-in or out of the box in the sense can be used directly without having to first configure settings, unlike node.js. The use of javascript is also supported in addition to typescript. Deno is more secure than node.js, because by default deno cannot access files, environment access, network, without explicit declaration.

Deno rest api services postgresql

What is discussed in this book? Here are the points:

  • Introduction and installation of deno along with visual studio code as a code editor
  • Use standard modules for http servers
  • Use of third party modules such as oak to handle requests, responses, and routing
  • Creating a controller and routing for CRUD functionality for the postgresql database
  • Using Denon to automate the compilation and deno project running
  • Implementation of middleware for authentication
  • Implement bcrypt module for password hashing
  • Implementation of authentication using JWT
  • Implementation of https server
  • Refactoring module
  • Repository pattern
  • Access user defined functions and stored procedures in postgresql
  • Bundling project
  • The use of PM2 as monitoring tool
  • The use of ORM with denoDB

Here are the table of contents:

deno postgresql

For more information visit the following link on Google Play

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Hopefully this book can be another alternative as a source of learning exercises, tutorials, or references for those who want to learn Deno programming.


NGUYEN DUY DUC (Jul/23/2020 01:17:17)

"Tambahkan import dan path untuk verb delete pada file CustomerRoute.ts." page 43. I think you write it by other language, it not english bro :))

Rully (Jul/23/2020 10:54:34)

@Nguyen: Oops, sorry for that :-)) .I wrote two same books in two languages...i fixed it :-) ...thanks for the correction!

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